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Time for me to get a life!!!!!!   
03:45pm 07/12/2005
mood: tired
Well today has been most interesting day! I am right now am in hateings of a boy named Ben..... Why might you ask, because he is like a flee and I wish to desroy of him and never see him again. He is so inconsiderate of others that he gets people to do things without thinking first what the outcome of those actions will be!!! He IRRITATES ME SO!!!!!!!! And yes, I can't spell today, but when have I ever been able to spell? Anyways other than that my world is ok! I am going to Dickinson High School next year, so I can get a life! I think that it will be fun, except I am not one to take alot of crap out of people, and my patience level is like -2. Well I shall leave all of you with these words.... be thankful for your life and your family & friends, it is very important that you let them know that you love them and care for them... I just lost a friend that I did not get the oppotunity to get to know better.... Happy Holidays!!!!!
Guys are ...........   
05:59pm 27/10/2005
mood: depressed
I right now am very sad/angered! You know I was once again in love, but it is now over! I am starting to wander if I am ment for love, cause appearently not able to hold onto it for a long time!

Me and Phil broke up about a month ago.... I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sad. I really miss him, and now he doesn't even want anything to do with me. Like he will talk to me, but as far as hanging out with each other that I think will never happen, cause anytime I try to hang out with him he just gets up and walks away like he doesn't want to be around me..... So yes I am sad, cause not only did I lose my boyfriend I lost my one of my best friends..... Anyways I shall go to be alone again tonite. Talk to you people later.
12:05am 10/02/2005
mood: confused
So here I am again doing a post for the Fer....*sighs* please don't get mad at me....

Who's That Girl by Hilary Duff

There were places we would go at midnight
There were secrets that nobody else would know
There's a reason but I don't know why
I don't know why
I don't know why
I thought they all belonged to me

Who's that girl?
Where's she from?
No she can't be the one
That you want
That has stolen my world
It's not real, it's not right
It's my day, it's my night
By the way
Who's that girl living my life?
Oh no, living my life

Seems like everything's the same around me
When I look again and everything has changed
I'm not dreaming so I don't know why
I don't know why
I don't know why
She's everywhere I wanna be

Who's that girl?
Where's she from?
No she can't be the one
That you want
That has stolen my world
It's not real, it's not right
It's my day, it's my night
By the way
Who's that girl living my life?

I'm the one who made you laugh
Who made you feel
And made you sad
I'm not sorry
For what we did
For who we were
I'm not sorry
I'm not her

Who's that girl?
Where's she from?
No she can't be the one
That you want
That has stolen my world
It's not real, it's not right
It's my day, it's my night
By the way
Who's that girl living my life?
Oh no, living my life
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Queen Kitty Kitty   
03:12pm 13/01/2005
mood: sad

I guess I'm not Queen Kitty Kitty anymore. I guess he found someone new. It just hurts, knowing that I care so much for this person, and I have to find out from a journal, may he be happy with his NEW Queen.


                        ~The girl formly known as Queen Kitty Kitty

                                             a.k.a Fer

06:35am 24/09/2004
mood: depressed
I want "you" to know I'm sorry I have hurt you. This is the second time I have hurt you, and the thing is I can't make things better! I just want you to know I still like you, I do, and I wish that I could make your dreams come true, but I don't know how? They tell me to abandon you, o make my dreams come true, but what am I supposed to do when all I dream of is you? Even if things don't work out no one will ever be able to give me the joy I have that you gave me, and I iwll never like anyone as much as you! I sit up countless hours thinking if my words are going to mean anything to you, cause I get so caught up in everything around me that I forget no one can live my life but me! I just can't stand to see that I hurt you, it makes me fall. I cry myself to sleep at night just thinking of my life, and everything! I wish you could know how much you mean to me, but I guess it's too late now. I want so much to make our lives better! This may be my last post, and if it is I just wanted you to know how I feel! I dream that your there and everything is going the way I want them to go, but then I wake upto the world, and I just feel like I can't handle it, and that I want to live my dreams. I wish I could make all of this make sense, I wish I could do a lot if things, but one thing I wish I oculd do is make you happy! I hope that you can forgive me, and that we could still be friends. I don't know what's going to happen, but as long as you are happy it's ok with me!

My birthday is Sept. 26, I will be 13, and I hope that something will happen, just something....

Well until next time this is the end!

~The Fer~
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Deepest of Depression   
10:28pm 15/09/2004
mood: depressed
I've always had dreams and just thoughts of me ina world filled with nothing, but pain and hurt, but there was always that someone, that somebody to get me out of it. WEll NOw I picture me in that same world and when it's time for that person to come save me, all I see is a hand reaching out, but as I go for it, it starts to fade, then nothing is left, but me standing alone in this world of pain, and hurt. I need whoever that was now, I need you to come back! I've lost everything, and have yet to gain anything! I have nothing left except a pretty face in a world that just can't handle anymore! Someone please give me one reason I shouldn't give up! Give me a reason to go on. I hate this world! I can't handle it on my own anymore. My life is a life filled with nothing but pain, I am constantly falling with no one to pick me up, and se me on my feet and tell me it's ok! This isn't a letter that is one to smile at or feel good about! I'm nothing but a broken smile looking for somehting I want, but can't seem to find. I jst want to have someone to love, and cry on, and just pour out ot, and have them love me back for me! So I guess you could say that I'm a depressed chick with nothing! Now you dont' see those everyday! My parents don't even except me for me, it can't get much worse! I'm going to my four walls until morning to wake up alone.

Hope all of you have better days!

"The Fer"
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One of Those Days   
12:32pm 26/08/2004
mood: artistic
Today has been one of those days where you just want to be alone, but you can't! I meanm I have no freaking doornob anymore!(parents took it cause I kept closing the door, and they though I was locking it.) And yesterday wasn't so good either! I was trying on some clothes (really cute clothes)well teh shirt wa sa lil tight, and low cut, well as I was chaning my mom walked in, and saw what I was wearing, ans started chewing me out! I told her, "MOM! I'm not going to wear it! It was in the cloest and it was cute, so i was trying it on!" and my mom said, "Jennifer, why would you ever want to try it on? You're to chesty!" (AND THAT'S MY FAULT!?) So I was mad and chewed her out, and she said, "Well if all your clothes are to tight cause your to chesty then lets go and throw throw them all away if you're going to have a bad attitude about it!" And the thing was I wans't going to try it on, it was just too cute, that I had to! And is it my fault that I have freaking huge boobs!? It's my moms fault! I got them from her! ~laughs~ But I just don't know..I want to be alone today.

Well Monday we had our out reach at teh Mall....not so good, me and Mel got chewed out! WE don't like talking to people in crowds, or people who don't look like us! (We like Gothic people!(Editors Note inserted here(Mel speaking) For starters, it's not that I don't like talking to people, it's just that people take one look at me, and either laugh, or ignore me, and everytime I do try to talk to people that aren't freaks,I get laughed at.{end note}) And Don, our Youth Pastor said, "There's one who's by himself, There's someone!" And allof that so me and her walked off! We bumped into her cousin Dustin...NOTG GOOD! So we gave him and his freinds a "Salvation Bracelet", and Dustin said, "Here I'll go give them to someone!" NOT A GOOD THING!!!! So he tried, and everyone rejected him! Well he said, "God Damn Jesus Haters!" So me and Mel told him that when he does this, try not to cuse in front of the people! So yes, after everyone went home Don. my dad, my mom, my sister, and Brandon where still at the church1 Well Brandon me and my sister where laying on Don's car...we were talking and then Brandon told me he wanted to marry me!! I asked, "Why?" he said, "Because you're going to have a farm,(Ummmmm.....I'm going to have land, and a horse or two, not a FARM!) and I love you!"(Yeah right!) Sorry Brandon...love ya as a friend and all, but don't think it'll ever go that far!! So that was an interesting night1 Well I have nothing else to say except, "I WISH I WAS 18!" And that's it! ^_^ Bye to all, have a good day or night! Ph yeah and to top it off, I have to write a play and be able to perform it on the 1st of September which puts a whole lot of pressure on me! And I have to be an angry pissed off person! Not what IO need right now! The play is about a girl (Me) who got a gift from her best friend...well the gift was a whole bunch of stems and thorns of a rose! Well she gets mad at her, and some of her other firends tell her that she should give her best friend a chance to explain why she gave them to her! So on and so forth, the reason she agve her that gift was to show her how she was treating Jesus! So I have to do that and I really don't want to, but who said life was going to be fair?....wait....I DID! ^_^ So I hope all of you have a better week that I! BYE!!

<3 to all of you!!!! <3
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Eternal Bliss With Anger On The Side...   
07:43am 16/08/2004
mood: crushed
Due to rather dumb circumstances The Fer can't post on her journal, so I'm going to be posting what she writes on paper so I can post it here for her. I'm so nice!


Well it seems as though once again I have failed to realize that I can't have things the way I want when I want! I have found myself in a situation to where I feel as though I'm here, but I don't feel that I am! I have cut myself to mkae the pain go away, but it still hasn't! I have given my whole heart to someone, and in return my parents take my heart back, and crush all my dreams. I am in very many feelings for this guy in this world, and my parents don't approve of him, because he is 9 yrs older than I, but I don't think it matters! When I'm 18 I'm out of here, and moving somewhere far away from all of this, to finally get what I've always wanted! 10 or 11 acres of land, a home of my own, and 2 horses (male & female) and ride in the wind, and never look back to all that's happened. I hope to get all that I did have, and go on with him by my side, but if not then maybe life will go on???? I just hope that what has happened doesn't mess up what was there, and still is!? I hope that this person feel s that as I do, and that it will never go away! "I'm here without you baby, but you're still on my lonely mind, I think about you baby, and I dream about you all the time. I'm here without you baby, but you're still with me in my dreams, and tonight it's only you and me....yeah" I LOVE THAT SONG!!! Well nothing much has hapened in my life, I have spent all of my time locked in my room, and don't come out unless I want to eat or go to the bathroom, other than that I stay in my room, do my school, play on the computer, read, cry, draw, and that about it. I guess you could say I'm taking my punishment rather well! I have not talked to my parents in a long time, just yes & no questions. I guess it normal? ^_^ WEll considering Mel was so nice to put this in here for me (I HAVE NO INTERNET!!!!!!>.<) I should say "Thankies!" which I am thankful, cause none of my friends would ever do this for me, so "Thanx Mel!" Well this is the end until next time! Bye to all, I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!! Oh yeah, and Kyle....I'm sorry all of this happened! I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me! I am sorry, and hope things go good for you! Who knows, in a few years things could change?....I have done many things in my past, but none can come to this, I dont' regret any of this! I will never will I have been happy ever since I met you, and I don't want this feeling to go, but until then, it's just friends. I wish I could change a lot of things, but I can't I just ask that you won't give up on anything or on yourself! Just keep running the race! Maybe things will work out in the end, we just have to wait until then, Bye to all!
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01:23pm 05/08/2004
mood: distressed
Ok I went and told my Aunt, and Uncle about me and Kyle, and I was tring to explane me and Kyle to them, but they just dont understand..NO one does, I mean come on I really like him, but no one understands me or him! I mean I went out side, and felt like crying, and stuff, and my friend is being a friend and trying to help, but I dont want to let go of something I hold dear to my heart! My uncle was calling Kyle a pervert because he liked me! Well then wont that make me one to cause I like and care for someone I love who is older than me!?!?! So today has been bitched out...I mean I open up to my family and they put me down and cast me out for something that I really want to do, and they think that its wrong! I mean all I ever wanted was me to love and be loved, but it looks as though I cant live the life I wanted!!! My uncle wants me to tell Kyle that I dont need to go out with him! ITS MY LIFE I DO WHAT I WANT WHEN I WANT! And I am really pissed, and I mean I like him, but I'm not considered a pervert, but when he likes me then hes a pervert!?!?! GOD MOTHER .... I CANT DO ANYTHING IN MY LIFE! I feel as though Im in a cage, and I cant do anything unless I .....nevermind! Well I feel like theres nothing there or here for me to run to anymore! Nothing to wake up for, nothing to come to and cry on or just talk to! So today has not been out of this world! I hate fucking people who bace there relationship upon looks and not anything else! My aunt thinks that hes ugly, and is perveted..WELL TO ALL THE BUTTS OUT THERE I love him and care for him, and I dont care what you or anyone says and thinks I care for him, and WILL be with if it kills me or not!!!! Well Imma go cause Im hot and mad and just want to talk to Kyle right now!!!..........
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~Steals the quizzes!~ MUAHAHAHA!   
09:52am 05/08/2004
mood: artistic

Why do you cry?

brought to you by Quizilla

So yes I think that some of this is true,but then again I know that I have people to run to....I will be on later today to sare with you what I was up at three thirty write, I DONT KNOW Where it came from words were just coming to my mind and it went on FOREVER I didn't get done till around 4 or 5 that morning then went to bed! So yes you could say I had a good time! ^_~
BlAnKeTy, BlAnK!   
01:45pm 04/08/2004
mood: accomplished
Ok today I got to go shopping!!! I got a black shirt with a monkey on it that says "Smile it confuses people!" I THINK THAT ITS CUTE!!!! Well other than that nothing has happened today except that its HOT OUTSIDE!!!! I dont like the sun, nor does it like me! Oh yeah, and I also got a new bathing suit! Its a two piece, and its purple! Its cute not really, but its nice to think so! ^_~ Well today I found out that MEL GOT A JOD! (Shes capable of doing that :X!) HEHEHE sorry Mel I just had to say that! Well other than this nothing has happened! Well I have to go cause my Aunt needs to get on! BYE!
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Many guys!   
07:11pm 03/08/2004
mood: blank
Well today we went to Gatti Land, and I was playing a game with my uncle, and the guy running the game saw my glow in the dark and black bracelets, and he wanted some so I told him where to find them (Hot Topic!) and I gave him a black and blue bracelet, Well he came up to me later and thanked me, then asked if I lived here (In Round Rock!) I said "No I live in Santa Fe." he said "Well thats to bad!" I was like ok...Then we went over to where he was working and we talked a lil bit He thought that I was 15 I told him that I'm 12, and I asked how old he was he said "How old do you think I am?!?" with a smile on his face! I said "17, or 18" he said "I'm 16" and I was like ok he said to me "You just looked like someone I would date!" I was like "O.K. sorry!" And then the rest of the day he was VERY down in the dumps, so I felt bad, but then again I know that I look older than what I appear, so that gives me more guys that want to go out with me, and I end up having to turn them down, and that makes their day worst, but Im glad that I have a guy, so I HAVE to turn them down I couldn't leave my baby in the reject pile cause I lobe him! Well I got to go I'll talk to you all soon! My Uncle is being a butt! So Im going to go take a shower and cool off! BYE!
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12:01pm 03/08/2004
mood: aggravated
Im teaching my 11 month cousin Jadeyn how to hum, shes so cute shes in my lap right now trying to type with me...I love kids, I want at least 2 a boy and a girl...I just LOVE M COUSIN! SHES SO CUTE!!! So is my other cousin who just turned 2 about 2 months ago..shes cute two, but very energetic! You have to keep a close eye on her ~ calls Madison~ Oh yes Madison is my 2 yr old cousin ok hold on the babys crying ~goes to make a bottle~.....Ok now that thats done...Well today has been a day to where I want to kill my Uncle, like my Aunt said "Lets go some where to get out of the house..." and Chris (My uncle) said "WELL THEN GO!!!!" in a really REALLY mean tone, I was about to get up and slap him in the face, cause he had been on the computer all morning playing a game that he had been playing forever! So I got very upset I mean I hate it when people get in that kind of tone if its with me or someone else I hate it! Cause unlike some people I DONT TAKE ANY CRAP FROM ANYONE! "Cause I've pride, I've got power, and a bad @$$ mother how wont to take No crap from NOBODY!" "Say it agian" "I've got PRIDE!, I've got POWER!, And I got a bad @$$ mother who wont take NO CRAP FROM NOBODY!" "Hey where you going?" Sorry that was off the move "Cool Runnings" it was funny, not really but its nice to think so! Well I got to run my 11 month cousin Jadeyn is getting into stuff that she shouldn't be getting into!....Ok now shes crying! I REALLY GOT TO GO! BYE!
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"I dont got a belly-button" ~ Veggie Tales~   
10:50pm 02/08/2004
mood: awake
oK well now I know that I am staying another week, so to all who I wont get to see in 2 weeks or even talk to unless you or I call...I love you and am missing you!!! ~crys~ I miss yall very much!
Ok well today has gone by kinda slow, and today my thoughts were on Kyle, I dont know why, but I almost started crying for no reason cause I was thinking of him! I dont know, but I really miss him a lot and so does Mel we want out "Sexy Man" back! Ok well I was in the car a few seconds ago (We went to the store to get a T.V. and some food!) (YUM!) ok well I was thinking of Kyle, and I got all teary-eyed...I dont know what it is, but I was talking to my Uncle saying "Is it wrong for a 21 yr old to go out with a 29 yr old?" (I dont know how we got into the subjest?!?!?) (So dont ask why!) Well he said "No but think of it this way a 0yr old going out with a 10yrold! Theres a big difference!" or something along the lines thats what he was trying to get out..So I was like "Whatever I dont think that age really matters!" so yes I told him, but I know that I like a person who is a lil over 8 yrs older than me, but you see I cant do ANYTHING about it until I'm 15 so that kinda sucks...AHHHH!!!!! ~beats head over the keyboard~ "Why these STUPID RULES!!!" You know its bad when you start to yell at the wall...Well anyways Im going to go cause I got to make some stuff that is for my family here some kind of dessert that my Aunt wants to show me how to make.....What joy!
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Freaken Cold Springs!   
03:48pm 02/08/2004
mood: bitchy
Well we went to this spring or whatever it is, and it was ICE COLD...It felt good though cause its VERY VERY hot! So yes I got a tan so Im darker now than what I was before! ^_~ Im so glad...Well I might be leaving tonight or NEXT WEEK I dont know they wont make up their minds...I hate it when that happens you know I pack for a week and then I might be leaving tonight or NEXT WEEK!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!! Oh well I leave I leave, but if I do leave tonight that means I get NO INTERNET FOR 4 DAYS!!!! I THINK THAT IM GOING TO DIE!!!! GOD I HATE THIS!!! If I was only going to stay a day then I would have stayed home and thought nothing of it you know, but NO I have to go and then come home in like a day or two! Well I got to go pack cause I am leaving tonight and I just got here! Well better go before my Dad gets mad at me for being on the computer and not packing...BYE!!!!! Ok So Im not going Im staying another WEEK SAVE ME!!!! oK now Im mad cause I have to stay for another week and I didn't even pack for it!!! Oh well..Talk to all of you later...........................
Im in Georgetown   
09:42am 02/08/2004
mood: amused
Hey everyone Im in Georgetown, and Im with family, but not for long I really dont know what to do with my-self I cant talk to any friends I was given orders NOT to go on AIM (So Babe you have to PM me on Gaia!) Well right now Im really missing my friends, and the thing is I might be staying another week, because my aunt is going to my second cousins B-day party far away from here...Well its in Dallas, not that far, but its far when your going by your-self with you and your 2 babys so I might be going with her on that lil adventure! So I guess Im looking forward to it....Well today has been ok so far I got up this morning and Chris (My uncle) Gave me both of the babys and was like "Here you go you know what to do" he was laughing while he said it! He always does that Im the Dipaper Changing Lady! -_- Im so proud... NOT!!! Well right now I really want to talk to some of my friends, and see what my GIFT IS...And the thing is when it gets there I wont be there! So that makes me even more mad! But thats ok, cause I want it to be that way so that when I come home I'll call Mel and tell her to bring it down, and then I'l open it and AWWWWWW......Then you know how the rest goes! Well I got to go cause I have to go eat, but will be on later talk to you all soon!!!BYE!
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MOre Death in the family   
02:03pm 01/08/2004
mood: pissed off
Yeah today I found out that my Great Grandmother died a few days ago, so yes I have to go to a funeral Thursday! Yeah I get to wear BLACK! Wait I love black its the best color, besides Red, and Blue, and pink! So yes I am a lil upset you know I didn't really know her, which might be a good thing, but then again its not, the last time I talked or told her I loved her was when I was a lil girl, around 7 or 9 So Im kinda mad about that...And another thing that makes me mad is that its VERY VERY hard on my grandfather (Dads side!) cause that was his mom, you know and it wasn't to long ago that he lost his brother I think somewhere in April he lost his brother I dont remember?!?! But you know it makes me feel as though I want to feel some of that pain, I mean my sis got to hug and tell her that everything was going to be ok, but I didn't I stayed home! So that makes me mad! Well I will be leaving Georgetown Wednesday so I get to come home early! ^_^, but then I have to go to a funeral! Yes the day I leave I have to go to a funeral...God I hate this..I mean its not that I care, but I hate funerals, I dont know I just hate them! I hate having to go on long trips with people I really dont want to be around, cause you know Justin is down and is like "I came here to see you and you wont even talk to me!" One.) I do talk to him Two.)anything I do or say hes like "Man thats messed up!" Three.) I dont care for him anymore I care for someone else, and I told him that and he goes off saying "I cant believe that, I know that you would do this" or "Take this if it was that other guy!" or "I know that I'm oyur X and all but you can still talk to me!" Ok and on that note we never were "TOGETHER" ! You know it makes me mad to have to sit and listen to him whine about us and me and Kyle...I HATE IT..I went out of the room you know cause I didn't want to listen to it and he goes "I see how it is! I came here to see "You" and you wont even sit and talk to me!" oK I think that Im going to shut up on this subject and go on another one!

Well you know some people think that 12 yr. olds cant be in love...Well I have something to say about that You can be in love at a young age it doesn't matter
what the age you can be in love at 12 yrs old! WHY CANT YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?!?!?!? HUH US LIL PEOPLE CAN BE IN LOVE JUST LIKE YOU OLDER PEOPLE!!!! And dont anyone tell me that I cant be in love at this age cause I can and probably am! SO HAHA YOU CANT STOP ME!!!!!!!!

oK now that I have that off of my chest....I hope to talk to you all soon and that I will be writing to you all! Bye!
The random acts of "The" Fer! ^_~   
12:54pm 01/08/2004
mood: moody
Well my friend Justin is here and is being kinda weird you know, like last night he spent the night with us at our house so you know I was like Ok I guess thats kinda cool...except for the fact that I didn't understand that he was SPENDING THE NIGHT!!! Well my brother was following me and him where ever we went like I was in my room Justin came in and he would follow and it got kinda annoying after a while, you know I dont like it when my friends come over (nothin agianst you guys!) its just that he likes to make me mad when my friends are over! Well me and Justin were talking and my brother comes in and I said "Get out!", but no he does the opposite he comes in and doesn't go out! So Im on the floor Justins on my bed and J.P. is right next to me..Well he stuck his feet in my face so I took his feet turned them around and had him in a bear hug to were he couldn't move...well he took his head back and hit my jaw, Well in that amount of timing I hurt my jaw bite my toungue and I bite it HARD...IT HURT REALLY BAD IT GAVE ME A HEADACHE! So I pulled his hair and shoved his face in the carpet! So I got back at him! Well to tell you the truth I dont feel comfortable around Justin anymore I dont know why but I just dont, I just kinda dont feel safe around him anymore! Well I got to go My friend Matchstick is going to kill me now! Really he is! Well I got to go I'm going to go to kill some of my friends! I HATE EVERYONE RIGHT NOW!!! Except Kyle I love him =^_^= Well hope to talk to you all soon I will be leaving tonight for georgetown with Justin and my dad and my brother what joy the Lord has out upon me! BYE!!!!!! ~BEATS HEAD ACROSS THE COMPUTER DESK!~ "WHY ME?!?!"
A QUIZ!!!   
03:36pm 31/07/2004
mood: bored

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01:47pm 31/07/2004
mood: cheerful/worried
Ok I went and saw "A Cinderella Story" today with my mom my brother and my sister, it was soooooo CUTE, I loved it to death, those of you who read need to go see it (That means you Mel!) it was great ::wishing I could have saw it with someone!:: Well I cant tell you the story or I would ruin it for you...I'll have to tell you sometime later cause when Im excited I intend to lose my mind and forget everything! Well I haven't seen Justin yet hes going to the beach to go surfing, I wasn't invited so Im not going to invite my-self, plus I want to stay home and wait for someone to talk to!
Well I leave for Georgetown Monday Morning ::wishes my friends could go with me!:: I want to go, but then I dont Im worried that things between me and my friends will get knotted up again and I dont want that to happen to tell you the truth me leaving was the best thing that happened to them..I know that it sounds mean, but Im telling the truth when I was there I always had to be one persons best friend and only theirs no one elses, and they were always fighting over me, and I couldn't ever get my space, you know alone time..AWAY from them..I was constantly around them and that would cause problems, so when I left they all started to get along, sure they have their fights, but thats what makes a friendship stronger and better than what it was before!
So Im a lil nerves to go, but then I want to go cause my family is down there, and my baby girl just turned 2 last month and I wasn't there for it! So thats what Im looking forward to! Well I got to let all of you go cause I have ot pack for Monday then Im off, but I will write still so you all know whats going on in my life while Im down there! BYE! GO SEE "A Cinderella Story"!!!